Tips for How to Work at Home From the Professionals

The idea of working at home sounds great, but there’s a lot that goes into being a successful remote worker. Many people are starting to realize this as they have to adjust to being part of the remote workforce. The good news is that working from home isn’t that difficult once you know what you’re doing and are better able to resist the temptation to do anything but work. Here are some work at home tips to help get you started in your new life of pants-free working.

1. Get an Early Start

There are benefits to the morning commute. The main one is that it gives you time to wake up and put yourself in a mindset for working. The transition from the pillow to the computer at home doesn’t have the same effect. It helps to get started as soon as possible. Get to work before you can begin to feel sluggish and unmotivated.

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2. Treat it Like Going to the Office

Being in an office puts you in a productive mindset, and you can do something similar when working from home. Do everything you usually do to prepare yourself for the office at home; set the alarm, have some coffee, and put on some nice clothes. Some internet browsers let you have different profiles for work and home to put yourself in that work mindset further.

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3. Have a Structured Work Day

Being in charge of yourself is the hardest part of working from home. You can quickly lose focus without a schedule to keep. That’s why you want to put together one of your own. Set up reminders and events in your personal calendar to remind you when to change tasks and do something new.

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4. Have a Dedicated Work Space

Not working in the office doesn’t mean you can’t work in an office. Have a dedicated space in your home you use for work. Don’t work from the couch or somewhere else you do a lot of relaxing. Set up a desk in a room and keep it clean and professional.

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5. Get Out Every So Often

If your home office isn’t doing it for you, then take your telecommuting to the next level by getting out of the house. Spaces with public Wi-Fi like a coffee shop or library are a great way to simulate the feeling of leaving home to go to the office, even though they aren’t traditional office spaces.

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6. Make It Harder to Spend Time Goofing Off

Social media is designed for quick and easy browsing, which makes it a serious productivity killer. Make things easier on yourself by removing all browser shortcuts to social media and log out of your account. You might also want to consider working out of a private browsing/incognito tab to make things even more difficult. Doing this will help to keep you on track as you get your work done and make it harder for you to spend your day scrolling Twitter and Facebook.

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Final Thoughts

Working from home might take a little extra work on your part, but you’ll be fine once you lay the groundwork. Create an “office” space in your home and treat working from home the same as working in an office.

Project manager for a multinational in the energy sector. Being a remote worker fits in perfectly with my home and family life. I still pay PAYE so I have all the same rights as the office based staff

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