Part-Time Work From Home Jobs for Retirees

Not everyone who retires stays retired. Some people like to keep themselves busy and work on a part-time basis. The extra money in the bank is nice too, of course. Unfortunately, the job market hasn’t looked the same since the coronavirus pandemic started. The good news is that there is plenty of part-time work from home jobs for retirees – and anyone else looking for part-time remote work.

1. Become a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers help businesses manage their financial records. This includes managing payments to suppliers and payments from customers. You can take things to the next level by becoming a full-charge bookkeeper and becoming solely responsible for all accounting matters at a business, including managing accounting clerks and other bookkeepers. Being a full-charge bookkeeper does mean higher pay, of course. The majority of full-charge bookkeepers are over 55. If you’re going to keep the books for your household, why not make extra money by doing it for other people too?

2. Registered Nurse

More people are relying on telehealth services than ever before. Medical professionals can still work from home, providing these services. Even though there’s more demand for registered nurses, the job requirements and selection process are just as strict as ever. Make sure you’ve undergone the necessary training before applying for a job. There’s a lot of hurdles to jump through to become a telehealth nurse, but the pay – and the sense of meaning that comes from helping people – make up for it.

3. Administrative Assistant

Just because you aren’t in the office doesn’t mean you can’t help it run efficiently. A virtual assistant provides administrative support from home. The specific duties of an administrative assistant can vary, but in general, you’ll likely have to manage email accounts, create schedules, plan events, and manage social media accounts. Consider using a freelance job board like Upwork to connect to potential clients.

4. Paralegal

Much like a legal assistant, a paralegal provides support to lawyers by helping with a range of tasks. Paralegals help with legal research, organizing and maintaining files, and writing reports. You could need some experience in a particular field to become a paralegal, but this is a great part-time job choice for retirees.

5. Nanny

The pandemic has highlighted how essential childcare services are to parents in need. While care providers can’t exactly replicate what they do through a virtual environment and remote service, they could still take advantage of their skills and provide services such as tutoring and counselling. You will need expertise in a subject to teach it, of course, but there’s more demand for tutors and the like than you might realize. There are many marketplace for online classes, these websites provides a platform for teachers and professionals to share their knowledge of everything from tying shoes to creating Dungeons and Dragons characters.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of choices for retirees to work from home. What you can do as a retiree depends on your current skills, and your ability to learn new ones. Of course, even non-retirees can handle these jobs and can consider them when looking to work from home.

Jason Acker

Jason Acker

Project manager for a multinational in the energy sector. Being a remote worker fits in perfectly with my home and family life. I still pay PAYE so I have all the same rights as the office based staff

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