How to Maintain Personal Development During a Crisis

Many of us have been thrown for a loop lately with sudden changes to living and working conditions. Workers have had barely any time at all to adjust to working remotely. This can be something of an issue for managers who need to know how to keep the team on track to reach their goals without sacrificing their own personal development. Here are some tips on how to maintain personal development during a crisis.

Be Realistic

Things have changed for everyone. Don’t be afraid to adjust downwards and dedicate a little less time to personal growth and development. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to devote more time to it if you have the time. This could be an excellent chance for you to learn and build your skills. You could be working at home and have fewer distractions to deal with, creating the ideal learning environment for at-home workers.


You could find yourself dealing with a different study timetable. Perhaps lesson times have changed or been postponed, exams have become assignments, or something similar has happened. These changes mean that you could have to change what you have to study, and when the work should be completed by. You could also have to learn some new skills, such as being an effective home-learner. Reprioritise so that important things remain on the top of the list of things you need to do.

Create an Appropriate Schedule

When do you feel most “in the zone” for studying? Do you want to work together with a study buddy using WhatsApp or another video chat tool? What time are you least likely to be disturbed? If you have a study partner, then what time would be best for them? Create a schedule that works for you and anyone you are working with. Think about when you have quiet periods in your day you can dedicate to learning.

Create a Personal Development Space

You may find that the space you used for personal development has become a permanent workspace. It’s a real challenge to try and keep up with personal development at the same place you work. If you’ve been sat at your desk for eight hours doing work, you need to move somewhere else when you study to give your brain a chance to reset and realign. Find another space to learn from.

Treat Yourself For Your Success

Humans are creatures of habit, and they like to be rewarded. You might have to change what you reward yourself with, given that you can’t go out for a meal or drink, but the idea behind treats remains the same. Treating yourself also marks a moment where you reflect on how far you’ve come, which is an important part of the process. Rewarding yourself also gives you the chance to reflect on your hard work and praise yourself for it.

One of the most important things you can do is to be willing to change and try new things. Try something out for a week or two and, if it doesn’t work, change things up and try again. You shouldn’t expect to achieve perfection the first time, so be kind to yourself and make adjustments as necessary.

With four kids under 10yrs old and a hubby who commutes monthly between the UK and US it was a God send when during the Corona lock down my boss told me that I would remain a remote worker even after the lock down had finished.

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