How to Grow In Your Job While Working From Home

Growing in your job is one of the hardest things about working from home. It’s hard to showcase your work and impress your boss from a distance. The good news is that it isn’t impossible. Here are four tips on how to grow in your job while working from home.

Get Feedback

You don’t have to wait until a performance review to get feedback from a manager or employer. Take a proactive approach to get the feedback you need to grow in your position. Asking for feedback also shows your seriousness to your supervisor, meaning they are more likely to recommend you for promotions and training programs.

Be clear about the kind of feedback you want and when you can talk about it. Taking time to send some emails like this gives you and your boss time to prepare.

Read Professional Development Books

Don’t let your personal development progress be hampered just because Netflix is in the other room. If you’re looking to grow in your position, you will need to continue your personal learning goals. Most people have more free time now, and so there’s never been a better chance to build your skills on a budget with professional development books.

Don’t forget to talk to your boss and coworkers about the things you learn during this time. Mention the book during meetings, refer to something you learned when working on projects, or give a short review in group chats.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Written communication is key when working from home. Emails and the like are one of the main ways to talk to coworkers and managers. It’s all too easy to overlook mistakes in your writing during stressful situations. You want to avoid getting in the habit of sending poorly written emails and messages, though. These messages reflect poorly on you, and the mistakes are more noticeable when this is the only way you have to communicate with people.

Consider asking someone else to read a message before you send it – either a coworker or someone else in your household. Keep messages concise and straightforward. Avoid using fluff language and jargon that confuses the message.

Proactively Add Value

Make sure people understand how much effort you are putting into your work – even when you haven’t been asked to do so. You could take your work in a group project to the next level by being more involved. Do more research than other people in the group or send discussion topics ahead of a brainstorming session.

The point is that you should take proactive steps that show everyone you are willing to work harder and give more of yourself at the expense of yourself. A great leader is one who is willing to give of themselves for others. This little bit of extra work could go a long way towards getting you the promotion you’ve always wanted.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss about how you are ready and willing to go the extra mile and have been learning and practicing in your own time. These tips can help you to grow your position and advance your career even when working from home.

Etty Middleton

Etty Middleton

With four kids under 10yrs old and a hubby who commutes monthly between the UK and US it was a God send when during the Corona lock down my boss told me that I would remain a remote worker even after the lock down had finished.

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