How to Find a Job that Lets You Work From Home

The world has been changed – potentially forever – by the coronavirus outbreak. Many companies have switched to a remote workforce, but some haven’t, and it’s left people out of work. If you are looking for remote work, whether it’s because of the outbreak or because you fancy a change of pace, here are some top tips on how to find a job that lets you work from home.

1. Search for Remote Jobs

The key to being a successful job hunter is to consider finding a job to be, well, your job. You should put as much time into finding a job as you would be working one. Networking is one of the best ways to find employment. Sometimes it really is more about who you know than what you know. Your friends and family, people you knew in college, and even other job seekers can help you learn more about work available to you.

Take a more direct approach and ask people outright if they know anything, or be less formal and ask them for advice or information. Get in touch with the people you know and spread the word that you want to find a job and work from home. You might be surprised by the number of positive responses – and leads – you get. You don’t know what someone knows unless you ask them.

2. Check For Remote Positions

There are plenty of job search websites that let you look for work at home jobs. Look at the listings and take advantage of the chance to post your resume, should the site enable you to do it. Companies will often search for employees themselves by searching for resumes.

Search for terms like “work from home” and “telecommute” when checking job search websites. There are plenty of remote work jobs listed on popular search engines like Monster. Searching for “work from home” generates over 1,000 results. This is on top of the job search websites dedicated solely to working at home.

3. Be Prepared for an Online Application

Applying for a work from home job isn’t that different from applying for a “normal” one. The main difference is that you’ll be applying online. Keep digital copies of your resume and/or cover letter ready to go. It helps to have some work samples you can include in your application too. Some places will even require samples as part of the application.

Keep track of where you’ve applied for jobs and what you’ve applied for. Some jobs are listed across multiple sites. You don’t want to waste your time by applying for the same position multiple times, thinking it was a different job posting.

4. Prepare for a Remote Interview

There’s a good chance you’ll be required to do a remote interview for the position. This could mean being interviewed over Skype, Zoom, or through emails. The preparation process is relatively the same but may require a little extra work on your part. Don’t forget to get dressed up and conduct yourself professionally, and prepare answers to common questions.

Final Thoughts

Applying for remote work isn’t all that different from applying for any other kind of job. Put some effort into your search, application, and interview

Etty Middleton

Etty Middleton

With four kids under 10yrs old and a hubby who commutes monthly between the UK and US it was a God send when during the Corona lock down my boss told me that I would remain a remote worker even after the lock down had finished.

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