4 Essentials Items for Health and Wellbeing in a Home Office

There are benefits to working from home, and many people in the world now realize it. There are also some downsides to having an office at home. One of the most significant downsides is that your workplace has all of the essentials you need. Your employer gives you everything you need to get the job done. You have to get everything for yourself at home. We’ve put together a list of the four office essentials you need for your home office to stay happy, healthy, and productive working at home.


Your computer is the most basic of the basics when it comes to working from home. Your computer is the foundation of everything you do and a vital tool for office work. You need to ensure that you invest in a decent computer. You don’t need something top-of-the-line, but it does need to be good enough for you to research, install and use the platforms and tools your work needs, create, send, and receive invoices and save and store work. Not to mention you need to be able to create your work in the first place, of course.

Don’t forget to keep your home computer – and the programs installed on it – up to date. An outdated computer is a vulnerable one. You don’t want to be unable to do work because you get hit with a nasty computer virus.


Furniture is the next important asset after your computer. Once you have a way to get your work done, you need to be able to do it comfortably. You want nice office furniture to use with your work. The first thing you want to invest in is a desk. It would be best to have a desk that can house your computer and has room to do some written work. You also want an ergonomic computer chair to sit in. The chair should be comfortable enough for you to spend large amounts of time on it. The wrong chair can be just as damaging as bad posture. Don’t forget to stand up and move around every so often, however. As comfortable as your chair is, sitting still for extended periods of time damages your health and wellbeing. Try to put together a routine for yourself that includes breaks and stick to it.

Don’t forget to accessorize your desk. Get some accessories that help you get your work done efficiently, such as a pen tray, paper tray, and toolbar. We recommend using contemporary office furniture to keep things simple and comfortable.


One of the advantages of working from home is you have the freedom to decorate your working environment. However you want. This doesn’t mean that you should go crazy, however. You want to ensure the environment is still a working one, but you can sprinkle some of your own interests throughout your home office. The idea is to create a healthy balance between work and home life and avoid distractions.

The ideal home office layout is similar to an office at work. It should be an enclosed space with a door that separates you from household distractions such as friends and family, television, and unrelated overheard conversations. Feel free to use photographs and plants, or even luxuries like a coffee machine, to create a working environment that you would be happy to work in. Why not look for something that is as practical as it is attractive? A Himalayan salt lamp, for example, purifies the air and gives off a soft and gentle glow. Clean air is essential for work because impurities in air can dull your mood and concentration.


No office is complete without some stationary. The stationary makes an office complete. It would be best if you had supplies to make it easier for you to plan and do your work, such as sticky notes, pens, and highlighters. You might also want to invest in a flipchart, so you have somewhere to brainstorm ideas and share them with colleagues.

Be careful to avoid overdoing it with the stationary, however. You don’t want to have a cluttered desk. Stick to the essentials and avoid clutter to boost your productivity. Once you’ve put together a basic home office, you can start to build on the foundation with different accessories and computer software to create the ultimate work environment for you. Get the bare necessities, and build up from there.

Jason Acker

Jason Acker

Project manager for a multinational in the energy sector. Being a remote worker fits in perfectly with my home and family life. I still pay PAYE so I have all the same rights as the office based staff

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